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We came across a great website called code combat that teaches skills on how to code. Using an interactive game centric interface, code combat teaches coding skills from the ground up. No prior programming skills required to start. The site is designed for a younger audience, although those who are a bit older or new to coding should find it entertaining, even addicting. Code combat has an RPG feel with cartoon like graphics. Setting up an account to begin playing the game is straight forward, and since it is entirely open source it is free to use.

Python, Javascript, CoffeeScript(nicer java script syntax), Clojure(a modern LISP), Lua (game scripting language) are some of the programming languages that are available to learn. Once your account has been setup and you language chosen you are ready to play. You enter a labyrinth with your avatar and start your first level. Upon entering the level, the screen is split between a code editor and a game GUI on the left. Each level has a specific task to complete using code. The player is gradually introduced to a various type of commands to navigate through each level. Using variables, loops and conditional statements are just some of the skills taught in the game.

While CodeCombat begins suited for players with no programming experience, it quickly involves more complex tasks as it progresses. Later in the game, there are some great riddles that are complex enough to fascinate gamers and coders alike.

CodeCombat encourages user contributions for level-design, coding, translation and other tasks, allowing users to create their own levels and help other players solve levels.

If you are looking for a good way to introduce a child to programming CodeCombat is a great tool to use. Check it out here

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