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Inspired by great conversations and written works by various sources. The intention of these articles is to provoke additional thoughts and conversation.

In no way is thoughts a medium to advertise, market or persuade any individual to partake or think about anything they are not comfortable with. The views expressed in all thought articles are opinion based. If at any time you feel an adverse effect while exploring thoughts, please stop immediately and go do something you love. You can even look at these calming cat pictures if you are in to that.

Just Breathe

We live in a world where technology can be with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Everywhere we turn signs of technology use is all around. Can you remember an instance over the past few years where you have been in public and someone hasn't been using a digital device somewhere around you?

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CodeCombat - Learn to Code

We came across a great website called code combat that teaches skills on how to code. Using an interactive game centric interface, code combat teaches coding skills from the ground up. No prior programming skills required to start. The site is designed for a younger audience, although those who are a bit older or new to coding should find it entertaining, even addicting. Code combat has an RPG feel with cartoon like graphics. Setting up an account to begin playing the game is straight forward, and since it is entirely open source it is free to use.

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A Soft Murmur

It is great that technology can offer things that can wash away distractions. A website called a soft murmur does just that.

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Apple 2015 Keynote

On September 9, 2015 Apple presented their keynote presentation. At this keynote, Apple unveiled some of their new products. Some of these products included the Apple watch, iPhone 6S and 6s plus, Apple iPad Pro, the Apple pencil and Apple TV.

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Morphing Touchscreen

Researchers are working on a new type of touchscreen that uses heat-activated gel to define shapes on the screen when warmed. If you miss the feel of a physical keyboard on your mobile device or tablet, or are still holding onto your blackberry, this technology should be of interest.

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