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We live in a world where technology can be with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Everywhere we turn signs of technology use is all around. Can you remember an instance over the past few years where you have been in public and someone hasn't been using a digital device somewhere around you? While all these advancements have brought a shift in the way we do things, it can be overwhelming at times. It seems the more technology available, the less aware we are of how important it is to take in our surroundings and connect with the things that are right in front of us, and I'm not talking about your phone. Human interaction, the physical kind, is something that is paramount to the well-being of society and individual health. Social connections build communities. Communities are the building blocks of how our civilizations developed. As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, it remains important to take time to step away from it, and connect back with our communities and ourselves. Have you ever found yourself checking your email at ridiculous times of the night? Spent way too much time on your favorite website or social media platform? Binge watching a show? Technology can be abused and have a negative implications. We have found that by stepping away from technology for a few minutes each day, it allows us to bring a sense of calmness back to our mind, uncover what we want to pursue, and step away from things that distract us. We use a simple breathing technique, inhale….then, exhale…… to bring back the focus. This can be done at any time when you feel anxious, scatter brained, drained, bored etc. Anytime you need to "be" and come back to a serene place. We found a great tool on this website ( that is a great way to practice focused attention on your breathe. We use this tool to take twenty breathes, encouraging ourselves to only think about the way we breathe. After a bit of practice, we found ourselves able to perform this technique without the use of the website. Waiting in line at the store? Breathe and enjoy your surroundings. Stuck in traffic? Breathe and enjoy.

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